January 14, 2012 SATURDAY
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Chris, di bilib sa horoscope at feng shui


HOT na hot si Chris Tiu bilang athlete at TV host kaya lagi siyang busy. Pero nagawa pa rin niyang magpa-interview tungkol sa buhay and how to live well.

Sa Shanghai pala nag-originate ang Happy Lemon na siya ang franchise owner dito sa atin.

“It is a franchise from Shanghai. Our group of friends came across the brand while traveling in Hong Kong. We saw the long lines and the addiction of the customers to the drinks.

“In addition to that, we liked the name and the festive ambience. This gave us confidence that the brand will work in Manila.

“The name is very catchy. It connotes a life that is fun and colorful.”

At sa fans niya na gusto siyang makita in person ay posibleng makita siya in one of their branches.

“I would like to see people who are fun, lo­ving and who knows how to appreciate quality drinks at Happy Lemon.

“I do grab drinks from the various outlets because I love our drinks but at the same time I need to do spot quality checks. And by the way, I do queue with the rest of the customers,” pabiro niyang pag-amin.

At maaaring isa sa favorite drinks niya ay magustuhan mo rin na ni-rundown niya with pride and pleasure, “Blueberry Mousse with Popping Bobba. Milk tea with puff cream and black pearl. Lemon Yogurt with A­loe. Cocoa milk tea with pudding.”

Bilib ako kung paano niya pinagsasabay ang career bilang athlete, entrepreneur at TV host ng iBilib, na magsisimula na sa Enero 22.

“It’s just about time management. If there’s something you really want to achieve, you will find a way to make time for it. Plus if you are enjoying what you do, e­verything becomes less taxing.”

Pero sa marami niyang interests, pagiging negosyante ang mas nakikita niyang pang-matagalan. At para sa akin ay napaka-praktikal ng pa­nanaw niya.

“Business would be the most long-term as that would be the primary source of livelihood after basketball and hosting.

“We cannot play basketball forever. Our joints and muscles will age. Hosting and media work are also dependent whether you are in demand or not anymore.”

Kung proud si Chris sa mga negosyo niya ay proud din siya sa shows niya at sa pagiging Kapuso, “Because I love my projects. My shows are entertaining but at the same time, educatio­nal. That is precisely why I am in the media industry.”

Nagulat ako na kahit siya ay Chinese ay hindi siya naniniwala sa horos­cope.

Aniya, “I believe our fate is in our hands. If we are hard working, honest, selfless and respectful to others, then we will be fine.

“There will always be ups and downs that we will go through in various phases in our lives but if we understand and discover our purpose in the greater scheme of things, then we will have a happier and more meaningful life despite the trying times.”

At sa halip na sa su­werte siya umaasa o sa sasabihin ng mga baraha o ng feng shui experts lalo pa at malapit na ang Chinese New Year, he prefers to believe on someone.

“Because if we love Jesus and put Him in the center of our lives, we try to imitate him and espouse the values that he taught us. To be humble, generous, forgiving, patient, modest, simple, etc. And I believe that espousing these values is the secret to experiencing true happiness and peace in one’s life.”

At ang secret niya sa success at a very young age, “We take risks in our lives everyday, big and small. But ultimately, we submit ourselves to God’s will.

“Let His divine hand guide us every step of the way. For me, prayer and spiritual guidance are very important for us to discover and understand what God wants of us.”


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